Disk Failure on 11th of March

On 11th of March one of the disks in the RAID failed. Due to the RAID system the services remained up and running and no data was lost. The broken disk was replaced on the morning of the 12th of March which caused a 10 min downtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server Relocation and Upgrade

We are currently moving our servers to new infrastructure and are upgrading them to new software at the same time.

The current status is as follows:

  • The inlined signature in incoming emails telling the reader that the email has been scanned for spam but is believedo to be clean and allows for spam reporting has been removed in order not to modify the 'good' email any more. โ€“ Mark Rosa 2010/03/03 16:46
  • The mail gateway (ESVA) has been updated to which will improve speed in mail handling and also optimize the spam and virus recognition โ€“ Mark Rosa 2009/12/13 14:34
  • The mail server, the mailing-list server and the webmail interface have all successfully been moved to the new infrastructure. โ€“ Mark Rosa 2009/07/08 18:41
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